Loyalty Program

Earn 1 Point for Every Dollar You Spend🥇

Points are automatically earned for every transaction made using your Vēmos Pay Account. Plus, have the opportunity to earn bonus coins for faster rewards with personalized offers, games, and surprises.

Redeem for Rewards

🥇 100    -  $5 off Tab
🥇 380    -  $38 off Tab
🥇 1,000 -  $100 off Tab

How To Participate

1. Download the Vēmos Pay App.
2. Create an account. You'll be prompted to add a credit card on file.
3. Tap on Number Thirty Eight in the Locations screen.
4. Open a tab on your phone, then see a host to get your wristband.
5. Order from the bar as normal.
6. Refresh the screen throughout your visit to see your tab in real time.
• Add a friend to your tab by clicking the green Split Tab+ button.
• You can split tabs evenly or by item.
7. To redeem points, click the Redeem button toward the top of the screen.
Only one set/level of points may be redeemed per visit.
8. When complete you must pay your tab using the green Pay Tab button for your points to be earned and/or redeemed on your tab.

*Please note: loyalty program points are not available to be redeemed for private events.

High Five! You did it!